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All About the World Without Apps

My thoughts on AI, ML, NLP and more.

I've been involved in mobile apps since the early 2000's and published 6 books on the topic. Since then, I've watched the market mature and noticed that advancements in technology (mostly natural language processing - NLP) was changing how users accomplished things on mobile devices. Recently, changes in Machine Learning further solidified the use of language instead of apps to deliver results on mobile devices, desktop computers, and more.

This site contains posts I wrote to explain what I see in this space and how I think it affects users, apps, society, and more. The thoughts and words presented here are mine and mine alone, and do not reflect the position or interests of my employer.

Recent Articles

GenAI Recruiter Spam

Date: January 27, 2024 | Categories: Miscellaneous

I received an email the other day at work from what looked like a recruiter offering to help me find a job. I was more than a little stunned at the audacity of the recruiter to send me an email to my work email address. The more I thought about it, the more I realized that a recruiter wouldn't email me at work. They all connect with me through LinkedIn.

First Windows Copilot Experience

Date: October 21, 2023 | Categories: Microsoft Windows

I've been a GitHub Copilot user since the public beta; using GitHub Copilot in Visual Studio Code dramatically improves my efficiency writing code, especially for NodeJS or React Apps. This post explains my first experience using Windows Copilot

Coding One-Handed

Date: July 4, 2023 | Categories: Developer Tools

I've been coding one-handed since shoulder surgery and I noticed how certain tools made that much easier.

Algirithms Making Stuff Up

Date: May 31, 2023 | Categories: Artificial Intelligence

Not long after posting my previous article about ChatGPT, articles started popping up about a lawyer who used ChatGPT to write a brief for a court case and how it backfired on him because the generated brief had made up stuff in it.

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