A World With Less Apps (WWLA)

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Posted: August 2, 2016

In my first post, I defined what I mean when I talk about the World Without Apps (WWA), the premise for this site. I may not have been entirely honest with you.

In reality, I recognize that we're really never going to enter a world without any apps, what we're really entering is a world with less apps (WWLA). The reason I picked WWA instead of WWLA is that WWA is, well, more aggressive. Is it more startling to think of a world with no apps then work backwards to a realization that we'll really have less apps going forward or to start with WWLA and leave it at that?

I think we need to focus on WWA - work to understand what that means then focus our development efforts on delivering that world to the betterment of, well, everyone. Will we ever get there? Perhaps, but likely not soon (in the next 10 years). But, if we can simplify app-like capabilities and interaction interfaces to the point where more can get done without needing fingers poking at glass (FPAG), then we've accomplished something.

Will we continue to need apps? Yep, absolutely. There are many data input, data browsing and analysis apps that could be delivered without apps and screens, but those will primarily be enterprise apps and the subset of data-driven apps that consumers need (such as banking, travel and so on). In those environments, I expect that voice will continue to be the primary interaction, and smartphone or tablet screens simply being data display or data-interaction targets.

As agents become more capable, they'll take over more and more tasks from apps leaving few apps around for us to use.

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