Are Native Mobile Apps Doomed?

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Posted: November 17, 2016

Yes, they are. But not for the reason most people think.

I’ve been monitoring the press, looking for articles that spark topics for this blog, and I’m only now starting to see work that relates to this topic, but for the wrong reasons – hence this post.

Pundits and bloggers are starting to pick up on the fact that mobile apps are dead (or near death). Surprisingly, they’re making this announcement in response to advances in the mobile web browser, specifically progressive web apps. Don’t get me wrong, progressive web apps are interesting, and the use of them will have a big impact on user experience (while at the same time, simplifying development). Here are some examples:

My argument here is that Agents, not apps, are the future of mobile. Apps are old news. So quaint, allowing me to do one thing, and hopefully do that one thing well when I can tie multiple systems together through agents and the WWA.

We lost the chance to have one, universal agent we could all tune to our needs when Samsung purchased Viv. All we have right now is islands of interaction (Alexa, Google Now, Siri, Viv, and so on) with code-locked solutions. What will it take to kick this up to the next level?

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